Actually I was born and grew up here but I left in douala a few years ago and then I came home for work. We were very surprised to hear what murielle his daughter gave us. I tried making the Salted Butter Creme Carmel but noticed that the recipe does not mention when to add the gelatin to the custard. From the first look I felt something going between him and me, my heart started beating, I never felt anything like that at first sight. Rejoignez Reverso, c’est gratuit et rapide! After that voice I don’t remember anything.

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I took advantage of it when one of your neighbors – you stole the car from who? Please also order the Innojuster to get a full range of curves. Multiple Innofader models will work for this mixer. Please use the special 4 pin white locking cable included with the Innofader PNP2 kit. The rain didn’t slow down, we ran into it.

Coucou par ici, comment allez-vous? Donc vous mkmi oublié comme ça? Bonne et heureuse année à tous oo mimii cette nouvelle année vous soit meilleure. Bientôt je vous reviens, j’espère avec une histoire qui vous plaira mais en attendant invitez vos amis oo, comme ça on sera plus nombreux dans la famille.

Dès que c’est bon dites moi seulement je m’arrange pour qu’on lance mjmi bien? En tout cas je compte sur vous. Coucou mes amours vous allez bien? Je vous oublie pas. Excusez mon silence oo demain je me rattrape en balançant deux chap ou bien? Papa nous achetait des même vêtements jusq Maya est venu me lever du sol où John m’avait poussé.

Donc qu’elle m’a vraiment arraché John? Sections of this page. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

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L’histoire d’une vie January 7 at 8: So you forgot mimj like that? Happy and happy year to all oo may this new year be better. Soon I will come back to you, I hope with a story you will like but in the meantime invite your friends oo, so we will be more numerous in As soon as it’s okay, just tell me I’ll fix it up for us to throw Anyway, I’m counting on you.

L’histoire d’une vie December 24, at Chap 35 Tout est bien qui finit… Chap 34 Tome 2 Destin acharné I don’t mumi you. Excuse my silence oo tomorrow I catch up by swinging two chap or well? L’histoire d’une vie added a pike photo to the mi,i Chap 33 Destin acharné Chap 32 Destin acharné – Ça va mieux? Chap 31 Destin acharné Chapter 31 Hard Destiny That way he had to give power to his words was just amazing.

He didn’t talk much or too loud, but he was getting heard as he wanted when he wanted to. When he finished talking to his sister, she stayed out there and he was gone. We went out and came back only late to sleep. I was proud of my man, I could even say I was almost happy, I knew I could o on him, I didn’t imagine he would take my defense in front of his family, I was happy, the only hic is that I had always heard that a relationship in Africa was not just the husband but also his family, of course his parents were polite to me but his sister was never gonna succeed in forgiving me, it’s mimii she won’t accept me Never in her brother’s life, she can even ride their whole family against me and that’s the only thing that still worries me, I’ve talked about my fear of Nathan about it.

Nobody’s imposing anything on me!

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My sister is free to choose if she accepts you or not in any case you are my wife and not hers then I don’t see why you worry.

You’re my wife and I want you, the rest doesn’t really count! Reassuring me as he always knew how to do it was my pleasure I was so proud of him, the night I gave him this basically in all positions lol. Early in the morning he woke me up with a hug and a sweet kiss, while we were there i heard knocking at the door.


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We stayed silent for a while but the person to insist. His sister just talked, and then he looked at me and the expression of my face wasn’t hiding that I was embarrassed I wondered what she still wanted this one? Maybe get me out? She won’t miss me this time! Will you calm down? I’ll see what she wants! He got up and went open, Oh, my God Aren’t you alone? I’m sorry if I’m interrupting, I wanted to talk to you, and I see you’re busy. He didn’t even have time to answer that I did it from the inside.

She pushed the door and walked in like she was coming to hit me, didn’t I also expect to see on the spot?

mimi do like i do

Her brother even tried to hold her, but she didn’t let her. She just wants to do her life again like you do yours, what’s very difficult? Others you called them materialistic, this one to a stable job and she doesn’t care about what I can give her or not what bothers me even a little, all she wants is love! So no I won’t let you influence her, understand that your friend Celine and I are definitely over for God’s sake!

The guy was out of him, his sister calmed down her fury of fury that she had entered here with. Now I wanted to understand one thing the others were the ones who didn’t?

You’re free to make the choices you want is your life. Can you leave us alone? Her brother first hesitated but she insisted and I gave him a sign to leave, he executed, wearing just his jeans before. I nodded my head as a yes – I’m not going to hide that we’ll never be the best friends in the world, because even though my brother killed himself to tell me your story, there’s really nothing that proves that it’s true or that makes me believe. The kind of girl that shows she has all the good habits in the world and you dirty!

Silence – He’s my twin brother so you’ll always have me on my back whether you like it or not it’s to do with, I’ll make the effort to stand you I hope you too. In the end, none of us stayed with Hubert, so I don’t see why this war is going – it’s good if you really think so, I have nothing against you on the contrary i have an apology to introduce you Her words did me a good thing she didn’t even imagine, I didn’t want to be an enemy, especially not now that her brother was already asking me to live with him, of course I wasn’t ready to accept it.

I even looked for the tired child there dad god refused, he knew why, the other one I never even told Nathan I’d have to take my courage to talk to him about it someday. She left Nathan came back right after, I told her what she told me.

She never hides what she thinks, and I often liked it except that it was starting to get drunk, and I even prayed to God for her husband to come home quickly from her business trip. We spent sunday together he was glad his sister gave up on this war about me he asked me to show patience with her. I was so in good company that I even forgot that maya and I had an appointment at my house, she wanted me to do her a favor but I completely forgot, that’s when she called me at 16 I’m reminded – where are you?

I’m leaving douala for something I come to your house and you’re not here. She already hung up. Monday at work I was the happiest, honestly when everything goes well in your sentimental life it feels at all levels, even in the reports I was recovering I received only compliments, my colleague made jokes on it. Good job madam who? A good fool this one For a month with Nathan it was evening together restaurant cinema or house anyway everything was fine for us and we didn’t leave anymore, except for work or on its multiple trips though anyway fortunately.


Her sister and I were seeing each other very regularly. I was even helping her in the organization of her marriage. Nathan on his last trip to work brought me some dresses I had to wear for the wedding, hmm all that happiness really happened to me? I could even pinch myself to see if it’s really real. I couldn’t wait to get to the wedding One night my darling came to pick me up from work, I didn’t have my car that day I left it for a garage drain. While I was caused with him on the way back his phone rang and he purposely ignored it, the person insisted but he just brought it closer and put it on silent, I found this very suspicious but I don’t have I couldn’t ask because at the moment my phone also rang, I was very surprised when I saw who called me.

Uncle Robert My Father’s brother, I didn’t even understand why he called me when he and I had never exchanged a call for a long time. I couldn’t help but show that his call surprised me and as usual he almost scolded me by talking to me before inviting me to the meeting that will take place at his house the next day, I clearly showed no interest because Ever since my father died they’ve never tried to help us, now he calls me to invite me to a meeting? Hmm for him we’ve never been more educated children.

Do Like I Do

A meeting now why? So it’s today that I’m part of the family, huh? He knew I wasn’t interested, he quickly drew my attention and told me that his brother had spoken to him in a dream and that he wanted to tell us what happened because it’s the umpteenth time they talk to each other. From the night I haven’t stopped thinking about likf, my father dk come to talk to me he’s going to talk to uncle Robert who never even lifted a finger for us after he died? When he was alive, did everything for his family?

Didn’t I leave the next day after work? When I arrived the whole family of dad was sitting in the living room even murielle was there when I saw it I’m all suite mii it’s dad’s mom who came to catch me out. Thin she even gave xo to who like that? Tsuippss I came in despite me, I was already seeing their little ride. When I came back some even fidgety is what I was handling them even, already that I didn’t even want to be there first.

mimi do like i do

They started their meeting, Uncle Robert welcomed us home, – if you’re here, it’s because with our mother we’ve decided to bring you all together. Our family meeting always sits on the first Tuesday of the month so nothing has changed to that effect. I’ve learned that the money you have now put you in the head, that it doesn’t make you any more insolent than you already were, we don’t ask for alms here.

Who can mimo give you even if you ask? Even if i really did. Whisper in my throat He continues – for a week to see even more, I see my brother in a dream who screams to help u, I didn’t understand vo well why he kept telling me the same word every day.

Until I learned that heavy secret that my late brother and wife solange kept. Hmm – Sabrina we may have neglected you, but it was without knowing that you were alone all this time, because we liek you were with your mother solange, the one who raided all my brother’s property.